Monday, June 27, 2005

purple sneaks dj and annandale this friday!

well djing at purple sneakers was alot of fun this weekend!cheers to martin for the endless flow of beer ...awesome,funny even tim rogers was at purple sneakers..shout out to you old mate!
darren and burke also djed at the Spark and British India show on saturday night at spectrum and were well looked after as well!
DONT FORGET_this week, on Friday night we are playing a show at the Annandale Hotel..supporting us is The MessHall and a new band called Jakamo Flys..its gonna be FUN!probably play 5 new songs..
okay see you around!

go here to see purple sneakers photos.

purple sneakerzzzz

Saturday, June 11, 2005

guitar tab for in the city

Artist: Gerling
Song: In The City
Album: Bad Blood!!!

Submitter: MC Hammered
More Gerling tabs, suggestions, comments, and
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{We in the city......}
tempo-swinging krautrock

A5 G5 B5
e - - -
B - - -
G - - 4
D 7 5 4
A 7 5 2
E 5 3 -


A5 G5 B5

Very simple song, just A5, G5 & B5 througout the
verse and chorus. A couple of bars for A5 & G5
and just one bar of B5 i think.

Friday, June 10, 2005


burke is mixing it!!!!!!

darren jawa

presser riding a fla#1CF7F5