Wednesday, March 30, 2005


hiya everybody!
well firstly the studio sessions are coming along fine..its been a very creative time in the new G.E.R.L.O.G. studios..busy little bees,,,buzz,buzz,buzz,making honey,honey,honey...the gerling carvan is cruising!
thanks to all those rural kids for coming along to the three shows we played in the beautiful Tasmania..we had a very interesting time down there..big shout outs to our new friends (and old friends x) and to casey rice(sound guy) and dallas from ground components who helped us out on the tour!
highlight had to be when old mate benny and herm from marrawah showed up with fresh crayfish to eat after a night out drinking the ale!absolutely amazing!
Also thanks to everyone who was dancing their little butts off to Darren and Burke djing twice this week at spectrum...firstly supporting moving units (who were ace!) djing until the console wouldnt work anymore and lastly on Saturday at BishBongBang which was awesome..we had a blast..and no that wasnt burke and darren intoxicated dancing all over the dj console to the last song of their set Lust for life..and no that wasnt burke who fell down the stairs....Yikes!
look out for a new gerling teeshirt design too,which our new friend Ben Brown has designed..should be ready for the come together festival coming around soonish!Think drunk mexican skeleton old skool skater!
okay,we gotta run,
take it easy,take it easy

Sunday, March 06, 2005


hiya everyone,
thanks to everyone who came along those few O week shows we played at..we
had heaps of fun!
we have got a few shows every now to come, so look out for us!
We are playing 3 shows in Tassy soon,one in Castle hill and that festival at
Luna park comin up!
check news section for the d.tails.
Having alot of fun in the studio at the moment demoing songs..sounding very
Okay and also, bon voyage and farewell Mr Roger G..(see you at your party!)
cheers gerloids