Friday, November 26, 2004

goodbye adam and will from jjj

well it was a pleasure to play our song IN THE CiTY for the last ever Adam and Will from JJJ's breakfast show today at manning bar/sydney uni (this morning at 7 am)...those guys really do brighten up early mornings for alot of people and have been really supportive with us...thanks very much guys..argghhhh shucks,were gonna miss you fellas! and good luck to jay and lindsey from frenzal rhomb who will be taking over the breakfast show reigns!!!!!adios...gerloid





Wednesday, November 24, 2004


hello people!
well not too much to report apart from we are writing some new songs(slowy and steady,not the songs,just our progress..hahaha-not funny) and waiting for this sydney summer to actually start...oh yeah dont forget to come and check us out djing at the hopetoun stage at homebake..also got the gerling xmas show at the annandale coming up which is always a HOOT! and we are also touring New Zealand with the awesome bands the coolies, Die!die!die! and i heard a rumour The Dead C (holy shit batman) in december..which we are very excited about..going to the south island for the first time -Dunedin and Christchurch then onto the other land mass Wellington and Auckland..cannot wait..
oh and congratulations to Les Savvy Fav,Pretty Girls Makes Graves and Chris Wu of Popfrenzy ( for putting on one of the most enjoyable sunday afternoons shows in ages last week..floating around sydney harbour on a rickety boat while Australian Idol celebrated at the Opera house ..we all got drunk,laughed,cried,danced,yelled,slept,ate 41 free pizzas and punched the boat roof to Les Savvy Fav..who were absolutely fantastic and inspiring...also the redsunband were amazing last week too @ newtown RSL (www. theredsunband .com )...well thats about all i can type right now...oh and a shout out to noah taylor just for the hell of it..okay! cheers d.c

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

hi everyone....well firstly sorry we havent done a blog in ages..not really much news to report apart from just began writng our new music..please click the link above to read a review from the USA of badblood!!!
also mc hammered and brud dj (darren and burke) will be playing records at this weeks sydney VICE MAGAZINE hammered will also be playing records at the BRISBANE VICE MAGAZINE show!and dont forget all of gerling will be djing at HOMEBAKE this year on the hopetoun stage!
lets go crazy!!!!!!!!