Friday, February 18, 2005

G.E.R.L.O.G. studios mark III and Canberra Uni O week show!

hiya all

well firstly sorry its been a while between blogs..we have been busy little bees setting up the new studio space...and its feeling good!

Thanks so much to Canberra University last night..we had a great time playing last night to a very receptive crowd..great support bands too from butterfingers,Rocket science and evermore...we must take a leaf outta evermores book and get one of our songs on the tv show The didnt the crowd love that one..

okay well (insert big drum roll here............)

G.E.R.L.O.G. studios mark III has finally been set up.
we have finally been writing new material for our next record.
and thats all we gonna say about so far!!!!

will keep you posted on how everything is shaping up on a weekly basis...

okay, remember to eat your vegetables and dot your i's...and if the wind changes...................

see you next week-Velvet revolver,Newcastle uni and Adelaide Uni..the gerlog caravan show is on its way.

ps if anyone wants to start a gerling street team drop us an email
also, we are just about to overhall our website any suggestions to make it better please email