Friday, July 23, 2004


Well,thats all folks..we just finished our last show of the USA was in salt lake city_utah...we played to a small but totally cool and receptive an all ages show at a place called Kilbys...said our goodbyes to our new friends The redlightsting (check em out..they are rad!) ..thanks to all our new USA `friends and allies...spread the word of gerling and get us back here to tour was a fun and interesting time....cheers Gerling

Lyrics Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes - I've Had The Time of My Life
Now I've had the time of my life
No I never felt like this before
Yes I swear it's the truth
and I owe it all to you
'Cause I've had the time of my life
and I owe it all to you

I've been waiting for so long
Now I've finally found someone
To stand by me
We saw the writing on the wall
As we felt this magical Fantasy
Now with passion in our eyes
There's no way we could disguise it Secretly
So we take each other's hand
'Cause we seem to understand
The urgency just remember

You're the one thing
I can't get enough of
So I'll tell you something
This could be love because

I've had the time of my life
No I never felt this way before
Yes I swear it's the truth
And I owe it all to you HEY BABY

With my body and soul
I want you more than you'll ever know
So we'll just let it go
Don't be afraid to lose control
Yes I know what's on your mind
When you say, "Stay with me
tonight." Just remember

You're one thing
I can't get enough of
So I'll tell you something
This could be love because

'Cause I had the time of my life
And I've searched through every open door
Till I've found the truth
and I owe it all to you


Now I've had the time of my life
No I never felt this way before
Yes I swear it's the truth
and I owe it all to you

'Cause I had the time of my life
And I've searched through every open door
Till I've found the truth
and I owe it all to you


Wednesday, July 21, 2004

High on Life

  presser hittin' the skins

  darren as beeman

  burke sees bukowski's spirit

Tuesday, July 20, 2004


well Elpaso was was very close to the mexican was so hot.. burke bought a skull ring that is posessed by a dead mexican biker....the schaffinos show was fun...a couple a hardcore kids slam dancing to us...we then drove all night to Austin texas,where we almost ran over a deer at 4.30 in the morning..presser and burke swore it was 2 mexicians dressed up in a deer suit,trying to cross the border..darren dreamt about olivia newtown john,he called her "livvy" and they kissed!
Austin was home to South by South west.
next .Mary Janes in Houston ,texas was awesome...lots of kids dancing like crazy..we had a great show and it was a pleasure to play there!!awesome club too....,the barmaids name was muddy. we had high speed internet at the motel that night also,which is always a thrill...our mp3 library is getting pretty big!

we then drove forever.again.
next show was at rubber gloves in denton, looking pub,a bit like cherry bar in melbourne but texas style..the place had a killer jukebox with everything from the popgroup and gang of four to richard hell and my bloody valentine..oh and who can forget our favourite Ms dolly parton..we also played with one of our favourite new american bands..they were called the silver arrows and sounded like a retarded talking heads playing weezer and lounge music,they were from denton ,texas..they were dented...awesome..darren and burke bought their handmade teeshirts for 5 bucks each...we then drove again all night.

next stop was freaktown louisiana..presser that morning saw a sloth and a wolf on the side of the road..he said it was either a sloth or a monkey,but more like a sloth.he wanted to grab it and put it into the van next to a sleeping darren...ouchy wahwah.

so at baton rouge-louisiana we played on an outdoor felt like we were playing at someones 21st birthday in illawarra..we all got drunk and played to a rowdy audience..darren decided it was a good idea to start ramming his guitar into an overhead fan..much to the crowds delight...reign in blood!!!-lets not talk about it....

burke was happy he ate gumbo..typical southern food..we then drove all night again..kidnapping the drummer from redlightsting "paul-the dreadlocked power prince" to help with the driving.he farted smelt like ratsa skunk.ouch.

next stop was Nashville.presser got pink eye.we played to a few friends from Atlanta-georgia.we got free cold cheese pizza.darrens guitar is on a life support machine.presser did two drum called the swan,one called the mongoose and one called the the crowds ecstatic response..the mongoose was the best..kinda like bill cobsy playing with alex van halen and keith moon.darren got depression.burke ate pulledpork for dinner and he was happy.
stay tuned for the next stupid episode of "God bless america".
peace and love to all.
ps adam yee have you booked our flights home.
pss we are the world,we are the children.
psss how can we be lovers if we cant be friends.
pssss australia are you ready for the beekeeper and the mongoose.
psssss does anyone know the locker room number for the sierra adventure game leisure suit larry 3.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004



deepfryer in coos, of a

live at coos II us of a

Monday, July 12, 2004

PORTLAND TO SAN DIEGO via the dessert……..

PORTLAND TO SAN DIEGO via the dessert……...
Well we arrived in Portland at the Meow Meow ,which was was an all ages show..i think all these shows with the Red Light sting are,anyway ,meow meow was full of mostly emo kids hanging out eating vegan pasta…until gerling hit the stage !we had a great show and the crowd looked like they were having fun…i have developed a new stage costume which consists of a silver and black scarf our tour manager "frenchy" bought in Spain, wrapped around my face..its called the beekeeper…some of the kids at the show were scared of burkes eyes..and some of the non-straight edge kids (about 4 of em) ,who looked like they were tripping ,were convinced presser was high when he played drums…he wasnt.we couldnt even drink beer at the venue..we packed up and started our long drive to Sanfranciso.we slept on the side of the road,near a mountain halfway to sanfran,after driving for about 7 hours,its not that bad actually sleeping in the van we have been touring around in for the last 4 weeks ,apart from when we wake up in the morning sweating like prawns in the harsh USA heat.

Sanfranciso rules..

We looked out for the FULLHOUSE house from that shit 80’s sitcom and also looked out for the house from the movie Mrs Doubtfire..but no luck.we did find the farout & Groovy Haight Ashbury district..famous in the 60’s for the hippies and Lsd was cool…there was a shitload of tyedyed grateful dead tshirts for sale..also Ameoba records was one of the best record shops we had ever been too !greg « frenchy » canichio bought a cd off a local hiphop guy called kenny j,who was hanging out the front of Ameoba,in front of a was the shittiest hiphop ever.i mean ever.we liked was 2 bucks.

We played at a really cool venue called Bottom of the hill to a fun and receptive audience..there was this one man band guy playing after us,he looked like a wacked out dave grohl ,who played drums and live sampled himself playing distorted bass and guitars and singing…kinda like slayer playing with the silver apples..he was called Ezeee Tiger..mad props to a mad guy… redlight sting were great as usual and Monument to masses headlined..they were cool too. We all got drunk and stayed at a friend of ours house called eric.he had a one eyed cat called chester.sleeping in a bed is lovely.

We woke up,drank strong coffee and started out journey to LA.Los angles.Hollywood.
when we got to LA went straight to the venue which was on Hollywood bld near the sunset strip.we saw bill cosbys,micheal j fox,chevy chase ,the carpeneters sidewalk hall of fame for the stars..perhaps the craziest footprint/walk hall of fame squares was that of C3PO and r2d2 from starwars..we saw the lousiest Micheal Jackson impersonator in the universe and burke ate the largest bit of pizza looked like a goddam stingray.

The show for us went down was at The Knitting factory.we met up with our old friends The lovemakers,which are a cool electro-kinda eurythmics group outta Oakland,CA (check em out!!!)...two of the guys from hothotheat rocked up to see our show and bought gerling tshirts.they were nice boys. apparently Nikki Sixx was gonna come to check us out too,but he is on the road with his new band Brides Of destruction..we high tailed it too a club called Beauty bar where the Donnas were was a cool place..the girls played some old school guns'n'roses and bruce springsteen (dancing in the dark)..we were drunk and happy and we were dancing.burke bought a skull ring and darren bought some massage oils.presser was asleep.

next day saw the hollywood sign,rattlesnake shits and mountain lion turd.fascinating.

on the way to longbeach we went and payed respect to charles bukowski (writer ,poet)..where his tombstone read "dont try".we drove thru south central LA ,Inglewood-near compton.we saw a couple of kids selling stolen mobile phones like lemonade out the front of mcdonalds...they called themselves "Mr phone man enterprises".god bless america.

headed to Longbeach .CA to a venue called Coo' was like a youth co-op venue..lots of emo-indy kinda was our first show we have ever played with no foldback..we used a marshall amp for pressers monitors,gerling soundsystem styleee..shoutout to our favourite USA fan/gerloid "robert..the coolest dancer we have seen so far in the US"..TM.It was a tough show for me as the microphone was not grounded and everytime my mouth touched it,i would get a little bit got rid of my mouth ulcers though.

which leads us to San diego..we played at a youth centre called Epicenter..which was wierd at first..heaps of emo kids hanging out in a carpark..we loaded our equipment into the venue with John Lennons "give peace a chance" screaming out of the back of the van to a few blank faces.
shot gunned 4 beers each and hit the stage to one of our most enjoyable gigs on this tour.San Diego kids Rock!and fuck,they even dance.MASSIVE RESPECT!

That night on Espn sports channel ,we relaxed to the sights of the world championship hotdog eating competition...the winner-a japanese, guy ate 53 hotdogs in 12 minutes..kicking all of these fat dudes butts..our favourite american losers name was "cookie jar"..we then downloaded 450 songs from our hotels "free high speed internet service" and went to bed.

currently watching out for mexicans skipping the border on highway number 8 ,on our way to Phoneix...doing the rattlesnake jake..

all we are saying is give peace a chance.






Wednesday, July 07, 2004


cruising the countryside through the rockies was incredibly beautiful. we went through yellowstone park and saw deer, buffalo, huge canyons and snow capped mountains. it was very cleansing after the major cities.
we came across one town called missoula in montana where we parked for the night. at one petrol station we had asked this local eminem jail bird on where was a good place to drink. he made us the smallest map in the world and said if we like to fight we should head to his favorite bar called stockmans. we said we were lovers not fighters in which he responded with a toothless grin. the real slim shady lives in missoula. after finding a motel we found a relatively safe drinking spot where we bumped into the towns coolest residents, lindsey and dan. we talked music for hours and preceded to get inebriated through the staffs incredibly strong elixirs. some shit dancing on broken peanuts ensued when the local dj started his mountain man bush doof. it became too much so we fare-welled and headed home to crash.
next day was the fourth of july. on our trek to seattle we stopped at this little town in idaho for refueling. holy shit did we stumble on some weird happenings! the locals we're throwing a parade in honor of independence. it was nuts. brass bands, tanks and old dudes on motorcycles made out of beer kegs riding around. the strangest was this troop called the red hot mammas. 20 fat old woman dressed up like trannies, pushing shopping trollies while kicking their legs to the song living in america. this shit was hardcore and bit much for hung over young souls like us. we got the hell out of there.
upon arriving in seattle we were greeted by friends of our frenchie tour manager who gave us a place to crash and party to attend. we headed of to this friends apartment overlooking the water where after sundown a massive fourth of july firework show blew up the sky. it was really cool. especially these ones that exploded into these fucked up smiley faces. weird beard. there was also a party happening on the level below where we wondered into. it was full these crazy assed animals who were setting fireworks off in their living room. they preceded to make us eat these vodka jellies and introduced us to the beer bong. can't remember much else......
gig in seattle was good. got the kids dancing and shaking! we are now touring with the red light sting who are really great and friendly people. this leg of the tour is going to get even more fun!
alright we are of now to portland.
big cheers to all the crazy cool people who have let us crash and shown us good fun across the land!
till next time,

Sunday, July 04, 2004

gerling at devils mountain..close encounters of the 3rd kind


well,sorry for the delays on updates ,but its hard being on the road with no internet access or braincells...
we have played 3 gigs since the last update..2 in newyork city and one in philadelpia..
one of the shows in nyc was in a trendy club in the east village called rothko club..its was okay..nice people running the
club..and we had a great party with jay and the vice magazine brotherhood afterwards,eric from vice was in great form,we went too a cool club called "hole"which was cool,carlos from interpol was there and so was richard pryor,..we also played a show at the mercury lounge which was a great show also..a small but receptive crowd!
Philadelpia was cool too..we met up with out booker EVa from Fata booking (she rules) and had a fun night..philly is a cool place..Evas dog took a shining to me
and burke and kept trying to shag was a big dog too..his name was jack ..YIKES!
we met up with james lovepolice and monica from sydney and had a nice relaxing night with those two..(a few drinks here and there)..burke took us on his new york tour(yeah right)..we had the lousiest pizza in the whole of new york..ironically in little italy.
then we started our drive from new york to seattle ,which is kinda like driving from sydney to perth...
it has been a very pretty drive so far..we were all relieved to get outta the polluted and super busy new york..nice to see green grass and fresh air (no we arent turning into hippies..although our french tour greg manager is kinda like a vagabond/gypsy, who likes salsa music and pink floyd and wears sleeveless shirts)
we went thru pennsylvania and tried to find some amish communities but had no luck..kept driving until we made it to ohio where we slept in a mcdonalds carpark..pure rock and roll..we woke up and headed thru chicago and stopped the night in minnesota (fargo world) were we stayed in Albert lea,which was so awesome and nice...
it was night time in albert lea when we arrived ,so we hit a bar called "harolds".where there was about 5 other people drinking..our favouite local was a 40 year old mexician dude called benny who looked like cheech from cheech and chong,who after a few cold budwisers decided to do the famous breakdance move the "caterpiller" on the wooden bar floor to the song "black magic woman" by santana,which totally kicked arse...he also had a sweet little teardrop tattoo on his face..we all woke up with headaches and washed the tour van which is starting to smell like a wet dog according to burke!next stop will be MT Rushmore and then thru to devils mountain,which is that famous mountain in the movie "Close encounters of the third kind"..its kinda wierd looking like richard dreyfus,presser is looking like steven speilburg and burke looks like a 70's FBI agent...i hope the spaceships land for gerling that night!CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE GERLOG KIND.
our tour van has also been proudly flying a pirate flag all the way around the USA was funny cruising past the pentagon with the ole "skull and crossbones" flying high!
okay well hello to all our friends and special hello to our adorable mums...we are enjoying this USa summer weather..its stinking hot.
we are also in search of bigfoot.
love gerling.