The New Mexican Skateboarder tee is now available for purchase in the merch section.
Available in Grey and Blue Marle in all sizes.... so get in quick before we have 'small' and 'x-l' only

Gerling are pleased to announce a special show to help celebrate the birthday week of one of our favourite venues on the planet, The Annandale Hotel. The guys have been especially invited along to play the Friday night, July 1, and the main support spot is being filled by some very close friends who can't be revealed just yet, but trust us, it's going to be one of the gigs of the year. Tickets are on sale right now from the . Very limited capacity on this one so don't hesitate to jump on in.

Stay tuned to the site, we'll be updating it shortly and included will be the BRAND NEW t-shirt designed by the legendary Ben Brown.

In other news, the guys have played a few shows over the past month or so. They played a cracker at the Come Together festival at Sydney's Luna Park as well as a rather unique set at Castle Hill for HypeFest. More importantly, Gerling got down to Adelaide University on the National Day Of Action in support of the anti-VSU movement. Voluntary Student Unionism is a disgraceful and debilitating piece of legislation from the Liberal government that has far more reaching implications than simply making it harder for bands to play on campus. Don't be fooled. Get informed. Act up and support the anti-VSU protests.

Sydney-siders can look out for a very special pub show on July 1. Details soon.....

Gerling are heading for the hills in mid-April..... after a rather unique jaunt through Tasmania a few weeks back, the guys head back out to the western suburbs of Sydney for Hype Fest on Saturday April 16th. This is a free, ALL AGES event at Castle Hill Park, opposite Castle Towers... in Castle Hill in case you couldn't guess by now. It runs from 11.30am until 5.30pm and other bands on the bill include The Suitable Few, Badge Of Honour and Destonia. Plus of course there will be food stalls, entertainers, rides and all the fun of the fair. Get on along and you'll be sure to get a sample of at least a couple of songs that the guys are currently working on in the studio.....

Burke and Darren will be djing Thursday 24th March at Spectrum on Oxford
street Sydney,supporting U.S. band Moving Units and then again on Saturday
26th at Bishbongbang night at Spectrum as well..SEARCH AND DESTROY!!!!!!

GERLING are pleased and honoured to have been invited to play three all ages shows in Tasmania by ENORMITY.

Enormity is a not for profit, independent teenage committee based in Ulverstone, who three years ago commenced a Tasmanian-wide tri-series of concerts called UNLEASHED in an effort to tackle boredom, depression, isolation and associated problems in rural Tasmania. The aim of UNLEASHED is to take the music to the people who normally cannot afford to travel, accommodate and pay admission to major events. Previously Tasmania has enjoyed Jebediah, Frenzal Rhomb & Shihad thanks to the efforts of Enormity.

On New Years weekend, members of Enormity voted unanimously for all funds from the UNLEASHED concerts to be donated to the tsunami disaster.

Friday night 18th March, Scottsdale 80 minutes north-east of Launceston an indoor concert. 7-12pm
Saturday night 19th March, New Norfolk 2 hours south of Launceston, 20 minutes outside of Hobart. Outdoor concert. 7-12pm
Sunday afternoon 20th March, Ulverstone 80 minutes north-west of Launceston. Outdoor concert. 2-7pm

G.E.R.L.O.G. studios mark III is up and running brothers and sisters....feverishly creating new music to inspire,dance,love and get off your face too..check out the NEW STUDIO PHOTOS here!